After Fox was officially acquired by Disney, the rights of X-Men and Deadpool will also be attributed to Disney's name, which means that these characters formally returned to the arms of Marvel. And Marvel (Marvel Cosplay Costumes)has plans to develop these roles. So in the future, we still have great hopes to see them join the MCU.

However, these roles are added to the MCU through the restart method, which means that the X-Men actor in the future MCU is no longer the original team of the Fox X-series series, which is quite regrettable.

However, recently from the news released by We Got This Covered, Deadpool's actor Ryan Reynolds will be the only actor whose character has been restarted and will not be replaced. This means that we can see it again later. Excellent performance to Ryan Reynolds.

Although the dead waiter can join the MCU and the actor Ryan Reynolds will not be replaced, the new version of Deadpool and Fox in the MCU will be different. So in this way, the role of Deadpool will still be reset, it is likely to have little to do with the previous independent film, and it is no longer the same world view.

Kevin Fitch, president of Weiying, said in an interview with that he would consider adding these roles to the MCU in the future, but Deadpool's plan to add MCUs to Spider-Man movies is unlikely.

So although Deadpool is very promising to join the MCU, but in what form he will join, it is still unknown. So how do you think about this, how do you think Deadpool will join the MCU?

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